Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is offered as an 8 week block of core strength and postural training instructed by a physiotherapist or a qualified Stott Pilates instructor. Prior to starting Pilates an assessment is required to determine areas to be focused on and any injuries which may require appropriate exercise modification. At the end of the Pilates assessment you will ‘see’ your deep core muscles activating with the use of Real Time Ultrasound (similar to those commonly used during pregnancy). We offer 3 different levels of Pilates: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. Private one on one Pilates sessions with the Physiotherapist are also available.


Reduce back pain by stabilising your spine through progressively more challenging core stability exercises

Reduce shoulder and neck pain by retraining sitting posture (especially for those needing to sit for prolonged periods)

Ability to improve the endurance of your core strength muscles and prevent postural fatigue

Reduce symptoms associated with cervicogenic headaches by deloading the shoulder muscles through improved posture

Improved fitness by engaging all of the muscles in your body so that you receive a total-body workout, toning your muscles equally and proportionally