CTP Claims

We also offer physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Accident clients. We are able to send the accounts directly to the Insurance Company provided approval has been obtained for treatment in writing from the relevant Insurance Company (see below for more information on the steps to take when making a claim). For more information on making a claim and relevant forms visit the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Steps to take when making a CTP claim:

1. Make an appointment with your GP or doctor in order to obtain a medical certificate and a referral letter stating you need physiotherapy treatment

2. Contact the CTP insurer of the at fault party to notify them of your claim. If you are unsure of the insurer, please contact the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC).

3. Complete any forms requested my the insurance company and also provide them with Physio Plus’ details (this is so they can send a Treatment Plan to your physiotherapist to complete)

4. You can then wait until the insurance company has contacted you with a letter stating that your initial treatment has been approved or make an appointment with a physiotherapist to start the treatment as soon as possible (recommended)

5. When you attend your first session at Physio Plus, please ensure you have all correspondence from your treating practitioner (GP/ Doctor) and also any letters from CTP/ insurer

Your initial physiotherapy session will involve a thorough assessment and treatment. A treatment plan will then be sent to the CTP insurer to have approved. Once your treatment plan is completed your physiotherapist may request further treatment (if required) from the insurance company.