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Reformer Pilates


Modify the intensity of your Pilates session up or down with the resistance of springs on a piece of equipment originally designed by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. The Reformer adds a whole new dimension to improving and challenging core stability. It opens the door to hundreds of strengthening and stretching exercises and also acts as a powerful rehabilitation tool.During these sessions the Physiotherapist will run through a series of resistance based exercises in order to advance postural stability and core endurance.


  • Improve shoulder strength and stability with the use of cables for additional resistance not possible with Mat Pilates

  • Improve hip strength and control as you exercise lying down

  • Enhance postural alignment as you exercise sitting up

  • Challenge your dynamic core stability by exercising on a moving carriage

  • Work muscles through full range of motion in a controlled, flowing movement which requires strong mind/ body connection